Welcome to MetaSafari
  • A collective of unique tribes — or brands
  • Utility laden NFTs
  • Purpose for each Tribe

Welcome to the Edge of Reality. Let’s Play.

Today: parts 7–9 of 12 parts

07: Immersive experiences

Today: parts 4–6 of 12 parts

Part 4: Utility

Today: parts 1–3 of 12 parts

Part 1: NFTs

NFTs are the entry point to our multi-tribe strategy

What’s our Multi-tribe strategy?

Explain what you mean by ‘multi-tribe’


Measurable outcomes:

MetaSafari is a multi-chain. multi-tribe NFT based MetaVerse


We’re a multi-chain, multi-tribe NFT based MetaVerse bridging digital & physical worlds, and gamifying hybrid finance (HyFi).

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